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Jun. 7th, 2017 11:40 am
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I spent the last couple days in various coffeehouses planning out Recoil, a secondary-world fantasy that's actually a space opera in disguise. It stars a lady gunslinger, but I need to find a different word, because damn you, Stephen King. I really want to start the Tribulation sequel, but I find it a little stupid to write a sequel for a book that still hasn't sold in the first place -- and might not sell. I'm driving up to visit my parents tomorrow, and then it's a few days at home before Fourth Street. When I get back from Minneapolis, I have four full days to decide what to bring to Clarion...

... or decide not to bring, as the case may be. There's always the thought that I should actually live as an ascetic would for those six weeks -- other than clothes and my computer and my camera and maybe my colorful star lights, bring absolutely nothing that could distract me from doing what I came to do, eat only during mealtimes, etc. And then I started thinking about quite possibly seeing if I could travel out there with a carry-on, and maybe this is the midlife crisis talking...

No update from any of the agents. Current strategy: psychic waves of hope.

And to write Recoil faster than I wrote Tribulation in case Tribulation does not net me a rep and I need to do this search again.
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