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This is a fanmix for Once A Master by [ profile] rinkafic! The fic is located here at [ profile] stargate_summer. There might be too much Ba'al in it. ... if there ever can be too much Ba'al. :)


Download at Mediafire here.

my body is a cage -- arcade fire

i'm living in age
that calls darkness light
though my language is dead
still the shapes fill my head

hunter's moon -- two steps from hell


black mirror -- arcade fire

black mirror, black mirror
their names are never spoken
the curse is never broken
mirror mirror on the wall
show me where them bombs will fall

black winter night -- dragonforce

we fight the battle on the fields tonight
to save us from the master of all evil sign
and to the battle on
forever standing strong
we feel the firepower of the night warriors

dance of death -- andrew bird


death rides a midnight train -- poverty branch

and this could be the day
and this could be the day
and this could be the day that we ride out on that train

dead things -- emiliana torrini

you're like me
we're both alone
what's the problem
i don't know
we're the same height
the same eyes
but you can't borrow my clothes all the time

shall never surrender -- from devil may cry 4

my honored brethren
we come together
to unite as one
against those that are damned

this devil's workday -- modest mouse

i could buy myself a reason
i could sell myself a job
i could hang myself on treason
oh i am my own damn god

when you're evil -- voltaire

when the devil is too busy
and death's a bit too much
they call me by name you see
for my special touch
to the gentleman i'm miss fortune
to the ladies i'm sir prise
but call me by any name
any way it's all the same

magic of love -- two steps from hell


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