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Ok. We all know that online piracy is a problem, that it has limited independent growth and killed innovation in Hollywood. Something honestly does need to be done.

But SOPA and PROTECT IP are not the right things to do.

But unless you want your blog to be taken down for posting stuff like cat videos with copyrighted music playing in the background and your own self arrested for a felony (yes, for cat videos, seriously, READ THE BILL), watch this video and then CALL YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES right away. Write an e-mail AND CALL THEM, because calling "counts more" in the grand scheme of things. We have to stop this bill now or the government and entertainment industry will be able to censor whatever the hell they want. Basically. Because the bill is written badly.

Please, please, please tell your f-lists about this and ask them to call their congresspeople as well. This is very, very, very serious and the first step towards a true police state. It limits free expression, and what's worse, pretty much eliminates due process, giving sole power to block, cancel and eliminate websites to the government without recourse for the website owner.

Call now. These bills -- PROTECT IP and the Stop Online Piracy Act -- are on the fast track and will be passed very soon. The more voices speak up against it, the more chance we have to keep the Internet the free and expressive place it has always been. These bills will not punish the real pirates; they will punish YOU and ME.

For putting up cat videos and forgetting to turn off the radio. You ready to go to jail for that?



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